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Michele Cade Khelifi, born in 1980, is an intuitive calligraphy artist living in Dubai. Graduating from London's Central St Martin's college of art,  she pursued a career in branding before relocating to Hong Kong.

It was during her time in the Far East,  that she reconnected with her love for painting. Inspired by Chinese calligraphy, Michele became fascinated by the art of writing and the tranquil state it brought during the creative process.. 


Through her work, Michele introduces a compelling exploration of existential questions and doubts, focusing on the delicate balance between revealing and concealing our innermost thoughts. She aims to dissect the human inclination towards sharing personal vulnerabilities, utilising calligraphy as the primary medium of expression. She explores the nuanced relationship we have with unveiling our insecurities and doubts to the world. 


Her practice centers around her unique approach to calligraphy, emphasizing intuitive writing and the layering of thoughts with transparent mediums. 

She has collectors around the world.

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